Sponsorship Opportunities

The time to do something to promote your business is NOW. Become a Security Canada Sponsor TODAY!
In today’s economy, budgets have been cut in almost every area, including marketing. Sponsorship at Security Canada Trade Shows is a cost-effective and impactful way to promote your company, product or service and to get out in front of your competition. Here are a few reasons to consider sponsorship at Security Canada Trade Shows:

Brand Awareness & Recognition
How many opportunities do you have during the year to build trust and establish rapport with your customers and prospects? Your brand will be featured on the Security Canada website, direct mail, email marketing campaigns, onsite signage, and our onsite program. As a sponsor of Security Canada events, you will be seen as a leader in the industry, allowing you to stand out from your competitors.

Targeted Marketing
Security Canada Trade Shows have a wide variety of security professionals who attend. As a sponsor, your brand will be exposed to new marketing segments, giving you visibility beyond your traditional customers and prospects.

Leveraged Lead Generation
Most of the people who attend Security Canada know others with similar interests. As a sponsor, not only will you be in front of the people who attend but you can also improve your chances of being recommended to their connections as well.

Media Exposure
Security Canada Trade Shows are supported by a comprehensive marketing effort that includes partnerships with industry media partners. As a sponsor, your brand will automatically be included in our promotional partnerships with key media partners. This will extend your exposure and visibility.


National Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a National Security Canada Trade Show sponsor today to ensure your business is at the forefront of all six shows. Current opportunities include:

  • Flag Banners – Feature your company name and logo on a 7' x 3' flag banner at every show's registration area.
  • Lanyards - Have your company name around everyone’s neck for all 6 shows across Canada. Exhibitor supplies the lanyards, which must have a safety clip and two bulldog clips.
  • Bag Stands At The Entrance - Place your branded bags on a stand by the entrance to each show. Exhibitor supplies the bags.
  • Name Badges – Promote your brand on all name badges at every event.
  • Show Floor Plan - Raise your corporate profile by placing your logo on each of the Show Floor Plans while highlighting your booth location.
  • Electronic and Print Advertising – Build interest and maximize exposure by placing your company logo on all electronic and print marketing materials associated with all six shows.

Regional Sponsorship Opportunities:

Show your peers and competitors that you're a regional leader by sponsoring a Security Canada Trade Show. Our flexible sponsorship options will put you in touch with key audiences while staying on budget. Current opportunities include:

  • Hanging Banners – Allow your company to reach a truly captive audience with your branding on a large overhead banner at Security Canada Central.
  • Flag Banners – Highlight your company by placing your name on a 7' x 3' flag banner in the registration area.
  • Registration Kiosk - Make a strong first impression with attendees by having your logo displayed on the registration kiosk at the front entrance of Security Canada Central.
  • Aisle Signs – Broaden your company’s exposure across the exhibit area. These signs are hung on the trade show aisle signs at Security Canada Central.
  • Breakfast of Champions – Promote your message at every table setting and deliver a presentation during this highlight event at the start of Security Canada Central.
  • Parking Area Shuttle – Promote your branding message while attendees utilize the transportation to and from the Security Canada Central parking lot.
  • Floor Mats - Gain high-value exposure by having your logo on prominently placed floor mats at the entrance to Security Canada Central.
  • Floor Footprints – Highlight your company on a series of footprints starting at the entrance to Security Canada Central to your booth.
  • Electronic and Print Advertising – Build brand awareness by placing your company logo on all electronic and print marketing materials associated with the regional show of your choosing.

Interested in speaking with us about these or other, custom sponsorship opportunities? Simply fill in the form below and one of our representatives will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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